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Noah Maratua Resort

This is where your underwater adventure begins!

Noah Maratua is a resort and a diving center that boasts 19 villas and 8 new furnish and design water villa with sunrise view overlooking the clear blue ocean. We believe the best gateway is to venture into nature. So, we design our private resort for an unforgettable experience where turquoise water meets colorful life under.

Maratua’s underwater landscape harbors an immense marine biodiversity – a true charm for world’s divers. Enjoy a personalized diving service or simply a quiet walk on the pristine beach and witness the golden sunrise right from your private balcony.

The island’s nightsky is just as stunning as its daylight. Lose yourself in the unmatched tranquility of our comfy suites and indulge in a relaxing luxury after a long day of island-hopping.

Seasons & Weather

We are located on the north of the equator, which relatively unaffected by the season change. It is enjoyable for warm weather travelers. Sea temperature around 28’ celsius throughout the year. Air temperatures around 28-32’ celsius vary on seasons.

Dry seasons are from May – September as Wet seasons start from December – February, some areas of dive spots may be exposed by the strong currents and waves.

Noah Maratua Resort’s sheltered and protected location means that there are rarely strong currents or big waves so you can enjoy a relaxing stay regardless of which season you visit.

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